This is a list of theories made by fans of the Daymare Town series; theories can be of anything related to the game series, such as what is Daymare Town, why are you there, how did you get there and what will happen in future instalments of the series.

You, too, can create you own theory:

Important: before creating your theory here are some things you should know:

  • Theories must be exclusively related to the Daymare Town series.
  • Theories should provide a well-explained thesis statement in an introduction paragraph. Please do not create a theory one sentence long.
  • Theories should support their thesis statement with evidence extracted from the games or official resources.
  • Theories should not be a collection of confirmed facts, it should have some grade of speculation. Without speculation that would not be a real theory.
  • Any theory that has content that violates the Wikia policies will be deleted immediately.

New theories will be voted to classify them in any of these categories:

  • Confirmed (Particular theory was proven true with the release of additional information or a new Daymare Town game, or is obviously correct/confirmed canon)
  • Likely (There is evidence in favor of the theory)
  • Still alive (There is evidence for and against the theory)
  • Doubtful (There is evidence against the theory)
  • Debunked (Enough evidence against this theory to label it dead)
  • Unconfirmed (Awaiting confirmation on number of votes)
  • Humorous (For theories that are just plain silly)

List of theories Edit

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