The Player


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The Player is the protagonist of Daymare Town. When you play Daymare Town, you play as The Player attempting to escape the town for unknown reasons and only seems to be content after travelling over bridges, flying away in a ballon and travelling through a trench.

The Player can be viewed in third person at the ends of Daymare Town 1 and Daymare Town 3, at the beginning of Daymare Town 2 and at points throughout Daymare Town 4. In Daymare Town 3 and 4, we are able to see the face of our protagonist up close and therefore more clearly than in the other instances.

Appearance Edit

The Player is seen to have dark long hair that is long enough to cover most of the Player's back. The Player has somewhat 'reptilian' eyes with slits as pupils. When the Player is seen in third person, the Player has a hunch back and takes on quite a dirty and messy look. The Player is seen wearing the same dark tunic in every game and travels barefooted.