The Librarian


The Librarian
Chinese Puzzle Piece and balloon

The Librarian is an inhabitant of Daymare Town that appears in Daymare Town 1 and Daymare Town 2. The Librarian has a innate fascination for anything that can be read, and is willing to exchange his possessions for anything readable. The Librarian has been stated by the author to be male.[1]


The Librarian first appears in Daymare Town 1, holding a Chinese Puzzle Block. He is hostile to the Player, making an angry face and snarling when the player tries to interact, until the player brings him a book from the Book House, which he immediately begins to read, dropping the puzzle block in the process.

Later, he makes another appearance in Daymare Town 2, this time holding a floating balloon, which he is similarly possessive of. The balloon can be obtained by giving the Librarian a pamphlet from the Museum.


The Librarian holding a balloon.


The Librarian is reclusive, evidenced by the fact that he appears in Daymare Town 1, which is set in an almost deserted section of the city. He is unfriendly and hostile when interacted with, as seen when you try and take what he is holding, he will growl at you. His main fascination is reading - he drops anything he's holding just to get a book or even a pamphlet to read.

Trivia Edit

  • The author has stated that the Librarian didn't appear in Daymare Town 3 and 4, since it's a different part of the town and he couldn't be there. [2]
  • The Librarian appears in a drawing that the author put on sale some time ago.

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