The Basement

The Basement

Daymare Town 3
The Basement is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed through Lupus Square.


It is apparent that the basement has limited access to light – its only source being the light coming from above through the staircase. The lack of light makes it hard to estimate the size of the basement, as only one wall is visible. The floor of the basement is made of stone tiles with stone columns that keep the ground above it from collapsing.

The basement is composed of two screens. Upon entrance, the staircase from which the Player enters is visible. Clicking on the left of the screen will take you to the next screen. On this screen a wall with a safe hollowed out in the wall can be seen, although there is no apparent means of opening it. The use of the valve from the Hospital will open the safe and reveal the Magician's Orb.


  • Magician's Orb