The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat

Official name(s)
Daymare Town 2
10 coins

The Aristocrat is a character in Daymare Town 2.


The aristocrat is aged and sickly. Absurdly thin and balding, he wears no shirt, revealing his skeletal chest. His eyes are large, dark, and round, and his nose is wide and short.

In contrast to many Daymare Town characters, the aristocrat appears to have relatively normal human proportions - he's taller, with longer arms, and overall looks like a typical elderly human male.


The aristocrat is found lying in his bed on the second floor of his house. The Reaper waits in an armchair beside his bed. This seems to indicate that the aristocrat is ill, and will die soon. There are two actions the player can take.

If you give the strong painkiller (from The Pharmacy) to the aristocrat, he will recover. The reaper and their scythe vanishes as the aristocrat sits up and grins. He then gestures to the bedstand on his left, which opens to reveal 10 coins as a reward for healing him.

If you give him the arsenic (also from the pharmacy), he will die - the reaper vanishes, but so does he, disappearing from his bed.