Daymare Town 3, Daymare Town 4

Serpentiarius or House of the Dragon appears in Daymare Town 3 and Daymare Town 4; in Daymare Town 3 it is known as Serpentarius, while in the latter it is known as House of the Dragon. The location itself is a tower which houses a giant serpent-like creature. The name 'Serpentiarius' likely refers to the tower, while the serpent is likely called 'Damaskus' as in Daymare Town 3, when one scrolls over the creature's head, the words "Damaskus - in the fall" appear – the meaning of these words is not fully known.

In Daymare Town 3, Serpentiarius can be accessed through a picture in an open book in one of the houses in Le Borgoi Pivot square. The book is labeled with the same name and contains some text with a picture of Serpentiarius (through which we access the location) in the upper right-hand corner on the right page. The text in the book in not legible.


The tower seems aged and looks as if it is crumbling. This is made more apparent due to its older architectural style, which is evident by its many arches. Two arched windows and door are apparent on the screen that show the outside of the tower and both suggest that the tower does not reach an extraordinary height due to proportion. Serpentiarius consists of two screens; the outside (which is identical to the image in the book) and the inside. The serpent-like creature is visible on both the outside and the inside, with the head being visible inside. Based on this observation, the assumption that the creature inhabits the tower is logical.

In the inside of the tower we can see a safe with four slots intended for the Chinese Puzzle Pieces. Upon the placement of all four pieces the safe will open to reveal an orb. In Daymare Town 4 the dragon no longer obstructs the staircase and an extra screen on the first floor reveals a backpack. The lack of obstruction allows the player to explore the other floors of the tower. The most prominent of these floors is the top floor where one can repair the mechanism that opens the Resin Gate and where the Girl at Window can be found.


  • Orb
  • Backpack
  • Matches
  • Spotted Pebble