Daymare Town 3

The Seashore is a location in Daymare Town 3 that can be accessed through a painting in the Knife Guild House.


Upon arriving at the seashore the player will encounter a scene that is identical to the painting through which one accesses the seashore. From here the player is able to either return to the Knife Guild House, enter the house's attic or go down to the beach/seashore.

To enter the house's attic the player would click on the window that can be reached by ladder and click on it's entrance. Inside, a bookshelf occupies the prominent wall while the Man in Attic is visible sitting on the left side of the screen. A Chinese Puzzle Piece is further on the right.

From the initial screen clicking on the house will show the player the door. Removing the bar and clicking on the (now) open door will bring the player to it's foyer. The door to the right is inaccessible, similarly to the foyer of the Knife Guild House. Clicking on the door to the left will take the player back to the Knife Guild House.

By clicking slightly to the left of the ladder on the initial screen the player can find a staircase that leads down to the seashore/beach. At the beach one of the Little Runners can be seen behind a tree and a seashell may be found and can be used to gain access to Foucault Tower.


  • Chinese Puzzle Piece
  • Cigarette
  • Dead Insect
  • Seashell