The Outskirts


Daymare Town 2

The Outskirts is a location featured in Daymare Town 2, and the starting point of the game.


The outskirts consist of two areas and five screens, however, one of the screens overlaps with the City Gate location - while the Player is clearly still in the outskirts, they're in front of the gate, so the location for that screen is displayed as City Gate.

The area is, as its name implies, the outskirts of this section of Daymare Town. The bridge at the end of Daymare Town 1 brought the player to the outskirts, across a chasm. The outskirts themselves are a narrow cliff-like area, tapering off into nothingness on the leftmost screen. Windows and roofs of houses can be seen throughout the town wall in front of the outskirts.

To the right of the City Gate, a ladder leads down to a cliff with a slightly lower elevation. A smaller ladder leads to the door of a small, one-room house, which can be opened later with the keys obtained from the Gatekeeper. Inside, the homeowner sits curled up in the corner, and their oven - the only other feature of the house - can be opened up to reveal a loaf of bread. (A coin also rests on top of the stove.)

On the far right screen the outskirts come to a dead end, but a covered hole in the wall leads to the Middle of Nowhere. The hole won't stay open without a constant weight on the lever beside it, though, so the stone and the hook on a string can be combined and wrapped around the lever, opening up the way into Daymare Town.


  • Coin (5) (counting the one in front of the City Gate)
  • Stone
  • Small loaf