Museum del Arte

Museum del Arte

Daymare Town 3

The Museum del Arte is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed through Le Borgoi Pivot. The name "Museum del Arte" clearly means "museum of art."


The Museum del Arte is supposedly a museum, but only contains two "paintings," that you are able to enter and a vase in the corner. The museum is quite small a the initial room seems to be in the need of some maintenance. Upon entrance, on the initial screen is likely the supposed museum with the vase and two paintings on display. Breaking the vase will help the player earn the Vandalismus Achievement. Clicking on either painting will zoom in on it and clicking again will allow you to enter it.

The "interior" of each painting is joined with that of the other so it is possible to enter one way and exit from the other. The painting on the left wall depicts the Nobleman, entering it will allow you to see him sitting on a stool suprised at your appearence. From here you can pick a cup of English Tea. Clicking to the right or on the other painting on the initial screen will allow to see the Noblewoman, who is disgusted by your appearence and made apparent by the shouts of, "Filthy peasent!" A gnome can be found by clicking on the bottom left of her dress.


  • English tea