Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Daymare Town 3
Memorial Park is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed through Lupus Square.


The park has many pathways that wind around the black trees and crosses. At the edge of the pathways, some brick masonry is visible. The park also seems to be a cemetery due to the crosses, which resemble gravestones.

The park consists of five screens. Clicking on the right of the initial screen will reveal a wall, in front of which sits a bench with a cigarette beneath it. On this screen there is also a small statue of what appears to be a cat's head. To the statue's right is a gear. This screen leads to another screen where a fountain topped with a rat statue is visible.
Memorial Park Gnome

The gnome next to the tree trunk.

It is possible to break the rat statue with the use of the hammer, which would help the player earn the Vandalismus acheivement.

If you click on the left of the initial screen you will find more pathways and trees. Clicking in the bottom-right next to the tree trunk will reveal one of the gnomes hidden throughout the game.

Another click to the left will reveal the entrance of the Park Janitor Room which can be opened by using a coin on the symbol visible on the door. To the right of the door there is a small space where a brick is missing. Clicking on this area will zoom in, revealing some coins that you can collect.


  • Coins
  • Gear
  • Cigarette


  • The Bridge Observer can be seen in Lupus Square facing Memorial Park saying, "I see them, I see them all," which might refer to the dead in Memorial Park.
  • Breaking the rat statue on top of the fountain will help the player earn the Vandalismus Achievement.