Knife Guild House

Knife Guild House

Daymare Town 3

The Knife Guild House is a location in Daymare Town 3 that can be accessed through Lupus Square. It also allows the player to access the Seashore through the painting that may be found here.


The Knife Guild House is a location comprised of three main screens. Access to the Knife Guild House requires the use of the hammer on the door's lock. Upon entrance one a small entrance hall is visible with doors on each of the side walls. The door on the right is barricaded.

The player may enter the door on the left to find a small chest of drawers, a chair and a picture frame depicting a house hung on the wall. The player can zoom in and enter the picture to access the Seashore. To return to the Knife Guild House the player must go into the house at the Seashore. Upon entering the player will find themselves in room that is slightly different to the one they found when they had entered the Knife Guild House in Lupus Square. Part of the wallpaper is peeling and clicking behind will reveal one of the ten gnomes hidden throughout the game. Entering the room on the left will reveal the same screen which the portrait of the house may be seen. If the player backtracks they can find themselves back a few screens they will themselves back in Lupus Square.

The player is able to click on the right of the screen with picture to find a staircase and a chest. The chest has a lock that can be broken using a hammer and once opened reveals the mechanical crank that can be used to operate the jack-in-the-box in the Dark Alley. Clicking on the staircase will take the player up the stairs to a small room that contains one of the transmitters that activate the machine at the magician's house. It may be activated through the use of two gears.


  • Coins
  • Cigarette
  • Mechanical Crank