Daymare Town 3
The Kindergarten is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed through Lupus Square.


Inside the kindergarten there are many objects which are typical of a kindergarten. Such objects include chairs, tables a few easels as well as an abacus. Two tall rectangular windows are visible on the wall across from the entrance which are composed of square panes. The floor is probably made of wood and the bottom meter and a half of the wall being made of the same material. The wall is mostly made of stone.

The kindergarten is comprised of one main screen, but you are able to zoom in on two places. In the corners of one of the tables a gnome can be found and clicking on the abacus will allow to interact with it.


  • The player can move the beads of the abacus to match the numbers on the grate at the forester house to unlock the Numerologist Achievement.
  • One of the ten gnomes hidden throughout the game can be found resting against the leg of one of the tables