Karterbrand Mansion

Karterbrand Mansion

Daymare Town 3
The Karterbrand Mansion is a location in Daymare Town 3. It is located in Lupus Square.


The Karterbrand Mansion is generally barren and is sparsely furnished.  The materials used for the mansion's interior include stone, brick and wood (as can be seen from inside). The material used to build the mansion's exterior is unknown.

The Karterbrand Mansion is comprised two main levels/stories with a total of seven screens (counting screens that show the outside and the screen that shows the roof of the building left of the mansion).

First FloorEdit

After first click on the Karterbrand Mansion player will find himself at it's door-less entrance.
Just waiting for a pick up.

Just waiting for a pick up.

Clicking on the left will bring him to a screen where one of the transmitters that activate the machine at the magician's house is visible. This transmitter can be activated by usage of two gears.

To the right of the entrance of the Karterbrand mansion player can see a person sitting there who is, "just waiting for a pick up." He seems to be wearing an odd jacket that has a ring sticking up from it. On the ring is a gear that can be collected.

Clicking on the entrance will bring player to the ground floor of the mansion. There is nothing of interest here apart from a staircase which by clicking on it will take to the platform in between the ground and upper floor. A gnome can be found in the screen that can be accessed by clicking on the bottom-right hand corner of the platform.

Second FloorEdit

Clicking on the ladder on the platform will take the player to the upper floor. Here he will find a scientist – presumably Dr. Karterbrand – who is pondering what is missing from his scientific equipment/experiment, which is evident because he says, "I think I am missing something important here..." The use of a rubber tube on the scientific equipment will solve his problem. He will then respond by saying, "Pure Genius! Thanks! There are some coins in the cupboard for you." You are then able to click on the cupboard which will open to reveal some coins. There is also a spiderweb and spider in top-right hand corner of the screen that you can zoom in on.

There is an open window on the upper floor – clicking on it will reveal the roof of the building left of the mansion – part of which is broken. There is also a worker there who is on a break and his toolbox from which you can acquire a cigarette.


  • Coins
  • Cigarette
  • Gear