House of Widow

House of Widow

Daymare Town 3
House of Widow is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed through the Le Borgoi Pivot square.


The House of Widow is a house that belongs to a widow who has lost her child. It consists of three floors – the ground we find a plant, the one below ground we find the widow, the one above we find what was likely the study of the deceased husband. Each floor is composed of one screen with a total of three screens for the whole location.

On the ground floor a plant is visible with stairs either leading up or down. The use the empty bottle combined with some liquid on the plant will allow to grow and would yield a rare flower. If you combine the urine sample with the empty bottle and use that on the plant, instead it will wilt and presumably die.

The first floor above ground is likely the study of the deceased husband, which contains a library and a desk. From the bookshelf the player can collect the three Encycloædias Universales. It is possible to zoom in on the desk, which on top a book and knife and glasses. The player can collect both the knife and glasses and zooming in on the book can gain access to the Serpentiarius location.

In the first floor below ground we can see the widow whose child is missing next to an empty crib. By giving her the baby found at the Ra Temple she will give you one of the orbs needed to activate the Main Gate Mechanismus.


  • Orb
  • Rare Flower
  • Glasses
  • Encycloædias Universales
  • Knife