Gate Watch Head Quarters

Gate Watch Head Quarters

Daymare Town 3
The Gate Watch Head Quarters is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed through the Gate Corner in Lupus Square.


The Gate Watch Head Quarters is a small location composed of a single screen. It is a room with a floor made of wooden boards with beams supporting the ceiling. A small picture occupies the left wall, while a window is visible on the right. In the center of the screen is a desk with the Captain of the Gate Watch sitting behind it. On top of the desk a telephone can be found and on the desk's right, a chair is also visible. The Captain of the Gate Watch does not seem thrilled to see the Player, as he says "go away." A coin can be found under the desk.

The Player can obtain the captain's hat by giving him a sleeping pill. Upon receiving it, he will fall asleep and his hat will fall on the ground ready to be picked up. The captain's hat allows the Player to access Le Borgoi Pivot square.


  • Captain's Hat
  • Coin


  • After giving the Captain a sleeping pill, the Player may choose to inject him with a syringe filled with urine which will cause the Captain to die. This will earn the player the Cold-Blooded Killer achievement.