The Garden Door Language is an invented language used in Garden Door, which is a side game surprisingly connected with the Daymare Town series.

The language was invented to give some challenge to the game and confuse players.


According to the author the language is part of the Scandinavian language family, which includes languages such as Swedish, Norwegian and Faroese.[1] Due to the nature of the ending of the game, it is suspected by many that the language is connected with Daymarian people.

Although the author has translated a few words for us, even he himself doesn't know what an ognumbarok means.[2]

The language is know to use onomatopoetic words that is words which sound like the thing they describe (e.g. bomb from boom). Known example of this is "drizzt", which seems to refer to electric current.[3]


The language is written with the Latin alphabet. So far only 24 different characters have been seen. They are, as follows: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T,U,V,W,Y and Z. The characters that are still un-used are Q and X.

Pronunciation of the language is not known.



The numbers appear to have many different forms in this language. For instance, one appears to have three forms; erstir, ersterosa and ersteroza.

Only three numerals are known, all of which have been specifically translated by the author.[1] Note that the game and author's translation slightly differ, either intentionally or because of a misspelling.

The numerals are also different when counting farkavikk halvists against counting ognumbaroks.

Number Ognumbarok numerals Halvist numerals Author's numerals
1 ersterosa erstir ersteroza
2 douce douce douce
3 tristejs - tristens


Adjectives seem to come after the subject they describe in this language. This is unusual for Scandinavian languages.


Only cited translations are known to be hundred percent accurate. Suspected translations are in italics.

Word or phrase Translation Corresponding object
burdaryk Burdaryk
douce 2[1]
drizzt Drizzt
empatolis empty
ersterosa 1
ersteroza 1[1]
erstir 1 or first
farkavikk cube Farkavikk
farkavikk halvist erstir first cube half Farkavikk halvist erstir
farkavikk halvist douce second cube half Farkavikk halvist douce
halvist half
kartafad pencil Kartafad
ognumbarok ersterosa Ognumbarok ersterosa
ognumbarok douce Ognumbarok douce
ognumbarok trijstejs Ognumbarok trijstejs
owritens written on (adj.)
papirusirna paper
papirusirna empatolis empty paper Papirusirna empatolis
papirusirna 'HELP' owritens paper with 'HELP' written on it Papirusirna 'HELP' owritens
trijstejs 3
trijstens 3[1]
trymbula Trymbula
sotos coin Sotos


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