Fog folk

Fog folk

Official name(s)
Fog folk, termites
Daymare Town 4

Fog folk are a species of short humanoid being the first appeared in Daymare Town 4.


The fog folk are short and have a white complexion. Their eyes are white, but they are overshadowed by the deep black rings around them. These eyes are also very good, and they can see in the mist so well, that they aren't even aware of its existence.

Fog folk seems to be bald as a rule but have sideburn-like protrusions on the cheeks.. Fog folk prefer black garments and are all dressed in various black cloaks and robes.


The fog folk live in specialized hives, that are very high and have room for dozens of people. Their rooms are mostly small and spherical.

Fog folk appear to be technologically adept, having installed telephones, radios and complex energy systems to their hives. However, at present power has been cut of.


A senior fog folk member was seen expecting a call from his grandson, implying that at least some of them keep in touch with their families and that a concept of family is present in their society. This implies that although the folk resemble termites in many respects, they don't reproduce like them, with a single queen and a king.

Termite city

A fog folk hive with two members of the species on the front.


A fog folk member was seen eating with a fork before a table. He was pleased to get some wine to go with his meal.


The game implies that there has been some sort of a conflict with the fog folk and the sea weed population. The room with the meteorite triangle teleporter had been barred shut with poles and the teleporter leading to their hive had been disabled. Further, there were many skeletons below the pile of sand leading to the deep fog trench, in front of what appeared to be a fortress.

The fog folk know of a buried sand giant, and appear to be vary of it, instructing visitors not to disturb it. Reasons for this are unknown.


  • Although they only appeared in Daymare Town 4 in 2013, the fog folk had already been feautred in many sketches published by Mateusz Skutnik in 2011.