Fog Hermit

Fog Hermit

Official name(s)
Fog Hermit
Daymare Town 4

The Fog Hermit is a character in Daymare Town 4.


The hermit appears to be taller than most of Daymare Town residents, with long, thin arms that reach down past her knees. Her legs are thin, and her feet small. She has long thick black hair, and wears a formless dress made out of what appears to be a type of coarse fabric. The pupils of her eyes are bright white, in contrast to the deep black sockets they rest in.


After the player enters the igloo-like house in the Sea of Smoke, turning to leave will cause the hermit to pop up in front of him, a loud noise playing to emphasize the shock of her sudden appearance. She then interrogates the player about what exactly he was doing in her house. The hermit's full dialogue with the player:

What were you doing in my house hole?

Did you just go into my house uninvited?

Uhm... Yes, I did.

What's wrong with you? It's my home.

I'm sorry.

I don't believe you.