Fog Haven


Daymare Town 2

Fog Haven is a location in Daymare Town 2 accessible from Fisherman Alley.


Fog haven is is an outdoor area consisting of six screens. The area is settled along the edge of a cliff.

The first screen is a shot of the cliff edge, the sky blank beyond the cliff. Moving to the left, the Kite Flyer stands on the edge of the precipice, his kite floating off the side. A strange, pointy, fern-like plant sits behind him, which can be zoomed in on, revealing a coin on the ground.

Moving right shows a row of buildings, in front of which is a pier, jutting out over the cliff. Streetlamp-style lights line the right side of the pier. On the rounded edge of the pier, the struts supporting it begin to disappear in some sort of fog, and a Fisherman sits, his fishing rod extended out above the precipice.


  • Coin (2)
  • Lionfish