Fisherman Alley


Daymare Town 2

Fisherman Alley is a location in Daymare Town 2.


The alley is a single area with five screens. It's a narrow alley that leads from the Fog Haven and the neighborhood around it to the Butcher's Market.

On the first screen, the player can see the hole they emerged from after going through the Middle of Nowhere. Turning right, the arched entryway leading to the market is blocked by the enormous form of the Smoker Giant, who can be bribed to float away and let you pass by giving him a lighter. A small creature similar to the Tunnel Creatures sits next to the giant.

Going left from the first screen, the path slopes downward into a row of houses. A Little Runner peeks out from behind a house on the right, and a windowsill on the left can be zoomed in on, revealing two coins. Continuing downward, the road flattens out, and the doors of several houses line the street. Clotheslines are strung up between the houses.


  • Coin (3)