This is a page for all the dialogue present within the Daymare Town series. All dialogue is written exactly as it appears in-game.

Words in italics indicate The Player speaking.

Daymare Town 2Edit

The Butcher:


Vengeful Man:


Daymare Town 3Edit

Scornful Man:


The Opthalmologist:

They are flying away...

The Wheelchair Kid:

please do not go...please...

The Nurse:

Do not try anything. I will put you down.

The Little Coward:

I found a way out. But I am too scared to go.

Ill Girl:

I need to get inside. I think its my liver...

I feel a bit better now...

Now I feel a lot better. Thank you. You are my hero.

I think this mist is here to stay. That scares me.

Did you notice that it consumes houses on a daily basis? My friend lived on the Orbust street. Now it is gone...

Our darkness is slowly fainting because of that mist. No, I do not know the way out. Why would you even want to go out?

I heard there is a gate on Borgoi. But no one can go there anymore.

Why? Because of them royal guards.

I said too much. Thanks for the fix man.

Arguing Men:

No, it is fog.

No, I think it is mist.

Square Children:

My brother is so boring.

Marbles are so boring.


I think I am missing something important here...

Pure Genius! Thanks! There are some coins in the cupboard for you.

The Boss:

Welcome, my friend.


I know nothing, talk to the boss.

I do not know anything, talk to the boss.

Royal Guards:

No trespassing!

Yes, captain!

Watching Man:

No, I was not watching.

Bridge Observer:

I see them. I see them all.

Statue Monster


Captain of the Gate Watch:

Go away.

Man in Shadows:

One stone to rule them all.

Man in Attic:

I have seen the other side. In the room below.

Park Janitor:



Have mercy on poor.

The Magician:

No, I cannot tell your future.

Here is your fortune.


So close yet so far away. I am tired.

Thank you. Now it is complete.

Street Dwarf:

What do you need?


Go away. I live here now.


I have lost him...

Woman on Stool:

It used to be warmer here.

Nobleman: away!


Filthy peasant!

Daymare Town 4Edit

Fog Hermit

What were you doing in my house hole?

Did you just go into my house uninvited?

Uhm... Yes, I did.

What's wrong with you? It's my home.

I'm sorry.

I don't believe you.


Girl at Window

I used to love this town...

Jumper ...

Are you sure?


There's nothing I can do for you?...


Shadow Creature




No, no. It's fine. I didn't need those legs anyway.


They took my son.

Somebody took my child.

Can I help you?

...And who are you exactly?

Uhm...I'm just passing through. I thought I might help you.

And why would I need help from a stranger?


Just keep walking, stranger. Nothing to rescue or fix here. Go be a hero somewhere else.

Excuse me. I have to go.

Go away.

Seaweed Newborn

What happened? Who am I??

Who are you? What's going on here? Where am I? Who am I?...

You're son of a dragon.


You're also son of seaweed big momma.

My head hurts...

I need you to focus.


I need you to tell me how to see past the fog.

What are you talking about??

Please. You were close to the heart just minutes ago.

I cannot see...

Please, tell me how to see past the fog.



You need to eat the migdula of a giant. The fear of not seeing will go away.

Thank you.

Wait, what does that mean?!

Good bye.

I do not understand...


Excuse me.


Is this Daymare Town?...

Daymare Town? No.

I have never heard of Daymare Town.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

You too.