Daymare Town is a city(or possibly a city-state)in an unidentified content in which unusal things are distroying and changing the town and it's inhabitants.The town seems to be Victorian era,based upon the architecture,technology,medications,artwork,and general knowlage.The government seems to be a monarchy(based on the presence of the royal gaurds)and the governing body seems to be somewhat intact.Many unusal things happen in this town and sevreal districts of the town have been abondoned by the general population and the government. 


Daymare Town may date back to the Renaissance due to some of the state buildings architecture however this can not be proven as of now.There is much evidence to support the theory that Daymare was once a thriving settlement such as the number of art museums,large buildings,the size of the city,and the abundance of spare coins found throughout the city.The city also seems to have been build as a collection of mannors due to the large walls the seporate the city from the outside world however and the disricts from each other this can not be proven as of yet.


The social strucure of the city is not at all clear.There is evidence of a wealthy upper class and a predominant inmpovrished lower class and working class.Even in it's current state the city has a number of scientists and doctors which seem devoted to thier respective study.There is also a strong presence of crime both organized and not.This can be confirmed by the Museum being closed due to theft and the illegal shop in Lupus Square. Education still takes place dispite the apprent lack of children.Many humanoid creatures can be found in the city however it is not clear whether they are human,humanoid or a result of exposure to forces that affect the city.