Daymare Town 4


Release Date
10th September 2013

Daymare Town 4, or DMT4, is the fourth installment of the Daymare Town series created by Mateusz Skutnik The game was released on the 10th of September 2013 in Fullscreen HD ($5)+ soundtrack; and as a free online game. As quoted by Mateusz Skutnik, the game is the largest and most elaborate of the series so far.

The general mood of the game is wilder, darker and more industrial than any previous Daymare Town games, and the detail is considered to be the most elaborate of the four so far. The ambient music was once again composed by Alex Voytenko accompanied by the same wind blowing sound in the background.


The game begins with an intro showing The Player looking back into the city in Daymare Town 3, and then walking away. The player starts at the edge of a plain void of all things except the occasional sticks and trees. Some inhabitants are wilder (but in some examples like the Fog folk more intelligent) than the city folk and like the Sand giant more ancient. Eventually, the Player becomes able to see past the fog in the Deep Fog Trench to find the Tear and climb to the Cliff where another town that is not Daymare Town, but instead a mirror image awaits the Player.


Teaser ImagesEdit

Over the course of the development, Mateusz Skutnik had released multiple teaser images of the game:

Inside the game, some of his earlier sketches also made an appearance. It is unclear if their implementation into Daymare Town 4 was planned when they were made or was done later.