Daymare Town 2


Release date
25th July 2007

DayMare Town 2, or DMT2, is the second installment of the Daymare Town series. It is the sequel to DMT1, and the plot continues from when it was left on this game, with the player seemingly leaving the town through a bridge.

Setting Edit

The Player arrives in a new part of the town, and this time he finds more characters and more interaction with them. Now most objects have a prize in coins, which are scattered all across the locations. Some characters, like the Librarian or the Chained Man, make a reappearance in this episode, while some new others are introduced too, such as the Gatekeeper. Puzzles are this time more challenging, with the introduction of the buying system and even some minigames like the collection of the Chicken Egg.

Like in the previous game, after solving the Egg Puzzle the Player seems to have definitely escaped the town in a balloon, but in the next game some accident happens and the injured Player ends up in a hospital.

List of locationsEdit


Fisherman Alley

Butcher's Market

Wall Street

Forbidden District

The Museum

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