Daymare Town 1


Release date
25th July 2007
30th June 2014 (HD version)

The Yard, at the center of the town.

DayMare Town 1, or DMT1, is the first installment of the Daymare Town series. Released in July 2007, it was described by the creator, Mateusz Skutnik, as "something completely new and unforeseen".[1] The Player is stuck in a black-and-white, sparsely populated town, and must solve puzzles to escape.

Setting Edit

The Player wakes up at the Yard of the town. Soon it is discovered that this is an unusual place: while outside there is a sunny day, looking through a window in the Office of the Armory you can see the dark night with the moon shining. Moreover, starting to explore reveals many strange characters covered by black hair, which contrast with the whiteness of the town. The majority of those characters seem hostile and do not talk to the player, like the Librarian. There are exceptions, like the chained man that later reappears in the game sequel. Another recurrent creature is the mysterious, little Runner, which appears four times in the game spying the player from the corners.

After solving the Chinese Tile Puzzle and activating a bridge, the Player seems to have escaped the town, but in later games, it is revealed that that was only a tiny part of the real town.

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Differences between the first version and HD version Edit

The HD version uses the newest engine, which is first used on Daymare Town 4 with newer HUD and fonts. Other minor changes are:

  • The tree seen from the trap house has more branches.
  • There is no need to push the buttons for the Chinese Tile Puzzle.
  • There is now a new sound effect if you find the golden egg, and that sound effect replaces the old one if you give said egg to the prisoner.
  • The grate for the unusable passage in the book house's basement has been removed and been darkened.
  • A stone marble can be found in the book house's archives, which you can put in a hole near where you solve the Chinese Puzzle. A window on the right side of The Yard will be opened and you can greet a girl commenting on the town.

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