Daymare Town


Quite large

The Daymare Town is a vast town[1], with a lot of different houses of different styles.

Appearance Edit

The sun that illuminates the town only produces a single wavelength, and that is why we can't see any colour at the town, according to the author.


History of the Daymare Town is largely unknown, however it seems that for some time now there has been a mysterious mist eating away town districts, such as Orbust Street.

Many parts of the town seem to have been abandoned, quite possibly for this reason. At its current state medical equipment and other necessities are hard to come by and people are mostly poor.

Alternate Daymare Town (SPOILERS)Edit

Alternative Daymare Town is a town that appears at the end of DMT 4. The player climbs the Tear (possibly alluding a dimensional tear), and appears on the Cliff. Nearby there is a city that differs in architecture compared to Daymare Town.

This city is a mirror image of Daymare Town; it has friendly people and vegetation. Also, before you enter in the Tear, we can see an inhabitant of Daymare Town standing and staring into the distance. On top there is another inhabitant that is also staring into the distance. There is a large resemblance between the two, yet they they seem to be mirror images of each other.


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