Daymare Town


First released
July 2007

The Daymare Town series is a series of point-and-click adventure games, created by Mateusz Skutnik. The first installment was released in July 2007.

In all the games, you play as an unidentified hero who awakes in a strange town, apparently deserted, where he will find many different mysterious beings and puzzles that he needs to solve to escape from there. His efforts are thwarted as he discovers that the town is more extensive than previously thought.

The series has been stated by the author as the hardest game he has ever created, and he recommends it only for advanced point-and-click gamers. There are so far four main installments, as well as three spin-offs. The author has hinted on Facebook that he is considering creating an exploration experience, similar to the one from Submachine, another of his game series.

Mateusz Skutnik has stated that this series might continue indefinitely, because the plot is more open than his other series, which do have an ending episode set.

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Daymare Town 1 Daymare Town 2 Daymare Town 3 Daymare Town 4
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  • By definition, a daymare is "a kind of incubus which occurs during wakefulness, attended by the peculiar pressure on the chest which characterizes nightmares."[1]

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