Dark Alley

Dark Alley

Daymare Town 3

The Dark Alley is a location in Daymare Town 3. It can be accessed from Ra Square.


The Dark Alley is a small location comprised of three screens. When the Player enters the Dark Alley it is only possible to move left or zoom in on certain areas. The first time the Player visits the Dark Alley one of the Little Runners is visible around the corner of the first screen. Like all of the others, if you move your cursor over him/her, he/she will run away.

Clicking on the left will take you to the second screen where an arched grate is visible at the base of the wall and one of the star symbols that appears repeatedly is visible above. The Player may zoom in on this star. Here one of the tiles of the floor will open when the Player turns a knob in the Forester House to reveal an Olympic Silver Medal.

On the left-most screen a jack-in-the-box on a pedestal can be found. The Player can use the Crank collected in the Knife Guild House on the box. Clicking on the Crank will wind it up and cause an Orb to pop out.


  • Olympic Silver Medal


  • When the Player enters Black Hole and returns to the second screen of Dark Alley, one of the tiles will be removed to reveal a Olympic Silver Medal. This helps the Player earn the Olympic Medalist Achievement.
  • The Player can destroy the light bulbs of the lamps in the Dark Alley using the Hammer to help earn the Vandalismus Achievement.