City Gate

City Gate

Daymare Town 2

The City Gate is a location featured in Daymare Town 2.


The city gate consists of two sections: Exterior and interior. The Player starts the game at the exterior section, a single screen showing the gate itself. Zooming in on the gate and clicking its panel will reveal the Gatekeeper, who refuses to open the gate.

After entering the city through Fisherman Alley, turning left in the Butcher's Market will reveal the interior section of the gate, where the gatekeeper sits in a stool, leaning on the left side of the gate arch. After getting him to drop his key ring (by giving him the golden key from the museum), the gate can be unlocked and opened, connecting the interior and exterior sections of the gate, and allowing for quicker travel between the city and the Outskirts.

The gate itself is tall and wide, with an arched top, and made of diagonally-slanted boards. A sliding panel allows the gatekeeper to see who's on the other side of the gate, and the gate can be opened by a large lever-style handle.


  • Coin (1)
  • Pack of old rusty keys