Aristocrat's House

Aristocrat's House

Daymare Town 2

The Aristocrat's House is a location in Daymare Town 2 that can be accessed from the Butcher's Market.


The Aristocrat's house consists of three rooms, three screens, and three floors (one room and screen for each floor).

1st floorEdit

The player enters into this room. The wooden floor is partially covered by a rug, and a portrait hangs from a nail on the right wall. A winding staircase leads down to the basement and up to the second floor.


A barren room, with two coins lying on the floor and one sitting on the wall. A mousetrap set with a piece of cheese lies on the right side of the floor.

2nd floorEdit

The aristocrat's bedroom. A small but elaborate room, with an arched window on the left wall and a canopy bed, which the aristocrat lies in. A Reaper sits in an armchair beside the bed, their scythe leaned up against the wall.


  • Coin (3) (13 if you give the strong painkiller to the aristocrat)
  • Piece of limburger cheese